Gail Williams

Gail Williams has been involved in pastoral management for over 30 years, through this, the most important part of her life has been in volunteering. She volunteered for Caritas St Joseph’s as a catechist and an advocate for those with intellectual disabilities from 2006.

In 2010, She became Outreach Co-Ordinator for Caritas St Joseph’s, the agency for those with intellectual disabilities in the Diocese of the Westminster. She advises and trains in parishes ¬†encouraging them to embrace their whole community, especially those who are on the margins.

Gail became the Head of Caritas St Joseph’s in 2013 and in addition to outreach, they also offer lifelong learning every Monday to Friday to over 200 adults with intellectual disabilities across 3 centres. They strive to be a place where everyone is welcome and everyone belongs. Here the students find friendship, family and love in a safe and loving environment where they are respected by all.

Gail also has two grown up sons and enjoys music, dancing, art and reading in her spare time.