Irma Espinosa

Dr Irma Patricia Espinosa Hernández

Dr Hernández is a medical doctor with a speciality in Psychiatry (Psychoanalytic psychotherapy). She also holds a Degree in Theology, a Masters Degree in Humanities, a PhD in Philosophy.

Dr Hernández specialises in Criminal Psychology. She is a Master in Personality and Negotiation and specialises in personality profiling and non-verbal communication.

Dr Hernández is a member of  the Ceprome Latinoamerica Council and Coordinator of its Psychodiagnostics and Clinical Evaluation area, a member of Member of the National Children Protection Council of the Mexican Conference Episcopate, a Member of the  Formation Staff of the Conciliar Seminary of Mexico and Secretary of the Academic section of Spirituality and Psychiatry of the Psychiatric Association of Latin America for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean region.