Fr. Marek F. Drábek O.Praem

Fr. Marek F. Drábek O.Praem is a Norbertine priest who was born in 1977. After completing his primary studies, he joined the Norbertine Order and went on to study Theology in Prague. Following his studies, Fr. Marek worked as a hospital chaplain in hospices and hospitals, where he provided pastoral care to the sick and the dying.

Fr. Marek’s commitment to the care of the sick and vulnerable led him to pursue further studies in the pastoral care of the sick, which he completed in Rome, where he received his Licentiate. He also participated in the training of new chaplains in the Czech Republic at the Evangelical Theological Faculty, where he shared his expertise and experience.

In addition to his work as a hospital chaplain, Fr. Marek has received extensive training in crisis intervention, communication, counselling, and spiritual direction. He also completed a Diploma in Safeguarding at the Gregorian University, which has equipped him with the knowledge and skills to address issues of abuse prevention and response.

For the past 10 years, Fr. Marek has been providing spiritual accompaniment and counselling to victims of sexual abuse. He also occasionally works with aggressors, helping them to confront their actions and take responsibility for their behavior. Fr. Marek’s compassionate and holistic approach to counselling and spiritual accompaniment has helped many individuals and families find healing and peace in the wake of trauma.