Dr. Marianne Naomi Navarro Poca, MD, FPPS, FPSPC, FPCC

Dr. Marianne Naomi Navarro Poca is a highly accomplished paediatric cardiologist and child protection specialist based in Cebu City, Philippines. She serves as the Head of the Paediatrics Section at the Women and Children Protection Centre of the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Centre.

Dr. Poca is also the Regional Director for the Visayas region of the Child Protection Network Foundation-Philippines, Inc., a non-profit organisation committed to protecting children from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Her extensive experience in the field of child protection has made her a trusted advisor and resource for families, social workers, and medical professionals throughout the region.

In addition to her clinical work and advocacy, Dr. Poca is also a member of the Board of Trustees for the Philippine Paediatric Society, Inc. for the 2022-2024 term. This organisation is dedicated to advancing the health and well-being of children in the Philippines through education, research, and community outreach.

Dr. Poca has achieved numerous professional distinctions, including Fellowships in Paediatric Cardiology, Paediatric Critical Care, and Child Protection. She is widely recognised as an expert in her field and has authored several papers and presentations on topics related to child health, protection, and advocacy.